Thursday, 1 December 2011


The photo below is by Richard Price, it's our favourite pic of us all in action:

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Analog Sofa

Do you remember when I was looking for a sofa? If only I had seen these!!!!
(via matrix synth; get one here)

Room With A Bu (chla)

Another reason I was in California was to pick up some more Buchla modules (227e quad mixer, 225e midi decoder / preset manager, 258v analog dual oscillator clone and 254v quad voltage processor). I got them from a film music producer. He used to own the ARP 2500 that was featured in Close Encounters. DAMN! (See this post on matrixsynth for more about this)

So I got the modules from the very nice Bryan and he also lent me a boat so I could mess with them at my hotel. The hotel was up in the hills and had an amazing view. I made the tune in the video below using the Buchla and a Roland MC500 which I bought on ebay while I was there

Recording The .....

So I just got back from my couple of weeks in LA, what a great time I had! I love that place more each time I go there. My main objective was to record vocals for a new top secret album project (more on that later) so I hooked up with the inimitable Brian Kehew and borrowed his studio. He is the co-author of the book Recording The Beatles which I have posted about before on this blog and is a total authority on all things vintage and lovely and wonky. He is also the archivist at the Bob Moog Foundation, and owner of a brand new super cool vintage studio in beautiful downtown Burbank, in fact we were his fist clients. Below are some pics I took. We had a great recording path, through some Altec compressors and EMI preamps, as used by Abbey Road in the 60s on practically everything. There were also some Helios channel strips from the actual console that came from The Who's studio in the early 70s, which sounded amazing. His desk is a stunning Quad Eight Pacifica. He also had some very interesting keyboards which I will mention in another post

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