Saturday, 4 February 2012

Bass Control

Some of Sam's band came in today to help with the recording, and while we were in-between takes John the bass player plugged in to the Korg MS20. This is him playing the Korg from his bass, its not the bass guitar sound going through the synth, its the sound of the Korg itself being triggered by the audio input which is totally bananas


Filtered Beer

The Moog 904A analog filter module that Sam is playing with in the previous post is unquestionably the best sounding filter I own, and I have hundreds of filters in my studio. So you can understand my joy when I discovered that someone has combined my favourite filter with my favourite drink and come up with Moog Filtered Beer (thanks for the tip Tara!):

Be careful though, if you drink too much whilst operating the Moog you will end up making music like this poor guy:

Friday, 3 February 2012


Sam came round today to record some new stuff. He saw the Korg Monopoly and said 'Oh I've got one of those, it was my mums but she never used it and it was just sitting round the house when we were kids. I've got it now'

Here is Sam playing with the Moog modular:

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Radio Foxx

John Foxx talks about our current stuff and quite a lot of other things on BBC 6 Music. Catch the show here, it starts at 1 hr 33 mins so use the scroller if you want to jump straight in....

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Moon Base Beta

I just found this great blog by the designer of the recent scifi film Moon. I love this movie, its one of my favourite 'ambient films' [I like putting it on in the background while i'm working]. All the design in this film amazing, especially the moon base where Sam lives. I might use it for inspiration when I build my next house...

Here is a 3d render that Gavin Rothery made, but I took the liberty of adding some music from Space 1999: