Saturday, 5 May 2012

Benge Album - Harmuna

Ive just put up another new album for download. You can find it here
Harmuna is a companion piece to my previous album Abstraxa. Again it is entirely created on the Buchla modular synthesiser, please see the release notes which are at the link above

Lazer Eyes

Here is a video of me on the big Moog. I have spent a few days this week being John Carpenter and Alan Howarth, which is a lot of fun. This tune is made on the Moog 3C, Yamaha CS80, Linn LM1, the main sequence is Arp Odyssey. In the clip I am adding a white noise part with the Moog filters and Moog 12 Stage Phaser. Everything is locked to a central clock

Graphics In Motion

I like this video, its by MK

Word of the Week #35

Friday, 4 May 2012

Filters Can Be Oscillators

What I love about the Buchla system is that on this machine the normal rules of synthesis are meant to be broken. Here is a patch which uses the 291e triple band pass filter as the only sound source. This module is primarily three individual filters / VCAs but it also has a built in 8 step sequencer and the ability to morph between different filter settings. Also if you feed back the resonant filter output into itself you can create three audio-range VCOs and that is what I am doing here

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


A remixed video for the remix of Gazelle Twin's 'Changelings' by John Foxx and the Maths. Film by Gazelle Twin. From the album, The Entire City Remixed (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray Records, 4 June, 2012) Buy:

Big In Japan

I know that universities often have amazing vintage modular synthesisers hidden away in cloakrooms and cupboards behind piles of broken overhead projectors and blackboards. But check out the big stuff belonging to the Department of Musicology at Tokyo University of the Arts. They have a spectacular array of systems to choose from - a Moog IIIP, three Buchla 100 cabinets, six Roland 100Ms, a Roland System 700, an ARP 2500 plus two wings and a lot more

This is the how to book time in the studio:

"Recording studio, in the case of qualifying competitions and the big audition, and then early to reserve your space, please check it very crowded. One-time use as a general rule is 1 hour. That the same person many times to book a short period of time can not be. In addition, when you cancel without permission, you may want to refuse the recording of the family for a while that person belongs"

Is it run by Yoda?

Anyway, here is a video of an open day they had in 2008, and below that a recent clip of the studio itself being played live as one big modular mega-system. Nice work KX! Via Matrixsynth