Saturday, 3 May 2014

Thinking Its OK

Heres us during the remix session for Gazelle Twin's Antibody EP, which is out soon. Mal is doing his vocal - the very one that got used on the finished mix

Shapes In Hackney

Wrangler gig coming up...

The Break

Heres a bit of video I shot up on The Break, the hill behind my house. The music is from my last album, Loop Series One, made entirely on the Buchla 100

Word of the Week #59

"W" T

Heres Nat modelling the new Wrangler green screen T-Shirt, available soon from the Memetune store...

Porcelain Porsche

And another find - porcelain porsche bookends:


The good thing about buying a new house is that you have to buy loads of new stuff to put in it. So I'm spending a lot of time at car boot sales. I was very pleased with this hoard of Yes albums

Face Book

Speaking of Record Store Day, our good friend Natalie (Lone Taxidermist) has been busy with the oil paint again. Check out the whole collection here

Release The Spark

Hey don't forget our debut album is out on Monday. Some people have already got their copies because we had some available on Record Store Day - but there are still a few vinyl copies left - NOT FOR LONG I SHOULDN"T WONDER!

Art Rangler


The reason I have been a bit quiet round here lately is I moved house. And county. And Everything (except the studio)

I found this sketch amongst the original plans and drawings for the house which were left here by the previous owner. Its from 1960